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A Personal Approach to Digestive Healthcare

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We believe that active listening and human touch should be the foundation for personalized care.

Welcome to PostRx Healthcare. Our goal is simple:

  • to listen
  • to teach
  • to empower
  • to advocate
  • to heal

About PostRx Healthcare - St. Louis Gastroenterologist

Empowering Patients and Prioritizing Relationships

At PostRx Healthcare, we do not accept insurance for our consultation services. We believe that healthcare should be more accessible and affordable and that health insurance is important for large healthcare expenses like CT scans and colonoscopies.

We believe that digestive health and wellness is key to overall health. Contact us to schedule consultation and to create a treatment plan that involves diet, lifestyle modifications, medication, and psychosocial support. Healing the patient is our goal.

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Personalized Medical Consultations


Records, labs, and medications review. Collaborative treatment plan creation. Phone follow-up at 2 weeks.

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We've been busy…collaborating and creating relationships!

Healthcare is expensive and fragmented. Lack of effective communication and education only worsens healthcare delivery and outcomes. At PostRx Healthcare communication, education, advocacy, and collaboration are our focus. And, ultimately that focus fosters relationships with patients as well as other healthcare professionals resulting in better care for patients with chronic digestive disease.

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We believe that truth and transparency create trust, and that trust can lead to lasting relationships as well as better care.

Meet Dr. Kreikemeier

Dr. Kreikemeier is passionate…about his family, his calling as a father and physician, and his faith. He enjoys people and celebrates relationships especially those with his patients. His motivation in creating this new practice was clarified during the pandemic where many of the dysfunctions of modern healthcare were clearly exposed. His personalized medical care model fits with his personality as well as his previous practice style where he, quite often, shared his cell phone with patients and family members with Crohn's disease or cancer. And, most importantly, Dr. Kreikemeier has been a patient in the broken healthcare system so is even more convicted to create solutions. Learn more about the direct care medical model that is innovating healthcare.

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"Thanks for meeting with us! I finally feel like someone is hearing me. I had pretty much resigned myself to living like this, and I may still have to but at least we are going down the different side streets to rule everything out."

"Thanks for seeing me. I think you are the first doctor who truly listened to me."

"Thanks for taking the time to meet with me. I always feel better after I walk out of your office."

"It was very nice catching up and I appreciate your honesty, time, and care. I know it is not easy starting up something new and making that decision, but you did it for all the right reasons."

"Thank you for your prompt help and desire to help with some relief until we have a big-picture plan."

"Your office was a breath of fresh air!"

"I felt so listened to and cared for!"

"Your work is so important and I feel so thankful to have gotten the chance to meet with you."