What is a medical home?

I’m excited to be seeing patients in my new office and wanted to share a bit about it. I have created a chronic disease management program similar to that popularized at the University of Pittsburgh—and similar to models for other chronic illnesses.

The “IBD home“ allows for proactive disease monitoring as well as coordination of collaborative and holistic care. Studies have shown that patients who are treated in programs like this have decreased hospitalizations and are less likely to have disease progression. (See articles below). Patients feel engaged and empowered and the “connectedness” between visits improves care.

The traditional “fee for service” model is changing, and soon, all care will be “valued” based on outcomes, not volume. At PostRx Healthcare we are proud to provide personalized healthcare for a disease that is as unique as each of our patients. Call today to schedule an appointment 636.220.8700.

Learn more about personalized care in IBD.

Be well!