Summer is here…

And, so are the ticks.  It’s long been known that ticks can be vectors for human disease.  In gastroenterology, most tick-borne disease manifests with liver problems such as elevated liver enzymes.  But now, there is growing understanding of a tick-borne illness transmitted by the Lone Star Tick (common in the Midwest down to Texas and on the East Coast) that causes symptoms similar to irritable bowel syndrome—abdominal pain, bloating and diarrhea.  What’s even more important, the reaction can cause life threatening anaphylaxis and angioedema as well.  Unlike IBS, alpha-Gal is an allergy rather than a food intolerance and is specifically related to ingestion of meat or meat products.  (Beef, pork, venison, etc.)

With warmer weather, bugs and ticks are more prevalent and the CDC has warned of a massive increase in tick-related disease.  Check out the link to learn more about Alpha-Gal Allergy and contact the office to discuss whether or not you should be tested.


Alpha-Gal allergy