Serotonin levels, the gut microbiome, and nutrition

Things like smoking and genetics put us at risk for developing various diseases but neither are the most significant risk factor for disease onset and progression.  Nutrition is…the number one cause of early death and early disease in the US.  

Foods like soda, processed meats, and fried foods are linked to chronic inflammation and diseases such as arthritis, depression, heart disease and cancer.  Healthy options such as fruits, vegetables, olive oil, nuts and fatty fish as part of a Mediterranean Diet can decrease the risk of those common conditions that cause significant morbidity and mortality in the US.  

Now, data suggests that the Mediterranean diet can positively impact mood.  Check out the article below and read how diet choices impact the gut microbiome and ultimately the body’s levels of serotonin. And, learn about a new and emerging field of study referred to as nutritional psychiatry.

Mediterranean Diet Helps Beat Depression in Young Men