PostRx Office Space

To my patients:

Finally! I have keys to my new office space and I will be seeing patients starting November 1. Sorry for the delay, but it was critical to make thoughtful decisions that will positively impact my patient’s lives. Medical care and healthcare delivery are at a tipping point. Over 70% of physicians are “employed” by large hospital systems or, increasingly, by private equity groups. That consolidation is stifling, expensive and is, quite simply, unsustainable.

At Post Rx Healthcare I hope to “recenter” the patient-physician relationship because, like a well-written and personal letter, the post-script (P.S.) is a chance to add one more thought…and often, it simplifies and emphasizes the message. My message: Patients must be active healthcare participants. While medications are often a necessary component of the treatment plan there are many additional factors that, when combined in a holistic manner, improve health and quality of life.

My message—my P.S.— is simple! Expect more time, truth, and transparency. Expect simple, affordable, and efficient. Expect access, education, and advocacy. Expect better health!

Please know that Post Rx Healthcare will not be contracted with any insurance companies and will provide affordable and transparent pricing. Please contact the office to arrange a consultation (636) 220-8700.