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Quick obesity quiz

True or False? 

Obesity increases the risk of disease associated with the metabolic syndrome…diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and strokes…and has NO impact on cancer risk.

False…obesity is directly linked with 13 different cancers.  Many, but not all, are digestive related.  Cancers such as colon, esophageal, gastric, pancreatic, and liver cancer are all directly linked to obesity through mechanisms thought to be related to inflammation and harmful alterations of the microbiome.   Read More “Quick obesity quiz”

Bundled pricing for endoscopic services

It’s about TIME…literally!  Direct specialty care values time, and in so doing, honors the patient physician relationship.  It’s also time to offer transparent and affordable endoscopic care to St. Louisans.  At PostRx Digestive Health and Wellness we are excited to offer bundled pricing for endoscopic services in the St. Louis healthcare market!   Read More “Bundled pricing for endoscopic services”

Cash is king!

The basic premise of insurance is the transfer of risk. Unfortunately, with increasing premiums, out-of-pocket high deductibles, and rising healthcare costs, health insurance no longer effectively transfers financial risk from patients.

Did you know that many healthcare services are actually cheaper than the negotiated, “in network”, insurance rate? Read More “Cash is king!”

Summer is here…

And, so are the ticks.  It’s long been known that ticks can be vectors for human disease.  In gastroenterology, most tick-borne disease manifests with liver problems such as elevated liver enzymes.  But now, there is growing understanding of a tick-borne illness transmitted by the Lone Star Tick (common in the Midwest down to Texas and on the East Coast) that causes symptoms similar to irritable bowel syndrome—abdominal pain, bloating and diarrhea. Read More “Summer is here…”

Healthcare pricing transparency

Data doesn’t lie…thanks to Ge Bai, Turquoise Health and their teams analyzing hospital price transparency data, it might be possible to envision a future of affordable healthcare.  Finally, we have data on 70 common CMS-specified high-volume healthcare services.  And, it turns out, that cash prices determined unilaterally by hospitals are often lower than commercial prices negotiated between hospitals and insurers.   Read More “Healthcare pricing transparency”

Got Good Gut Health?

Got Good Gut Health? is an 8-week virtual group education program designed to arm clients who suffer from an array of gut health issues with science-based, personalized gut health support.

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