Live and Learn – Become a healthcare consumer!

Thanks again for your support. Trying to survive in a healthcare marketplace that is completely dominated by insurance is difficult, to say the least. We’re in the process of figuring it out and continue jumping hurdles. Again, thanks for your patience as well as your feedback as we create a collaborative healthcare experience. As a good friend told me, “it’s not going to be perfect on day 1, so go for it, and make improvements along the way!”

With that said, there are some simple things that should make our “hybrid” healthcare model a bit easier. Prior to your consultation make sure to complete the release of information form as well as the “demographics” information request. Having that information on our files should facilitate getting records and placing orders. Be sure to ask about pricing. It may actually be cheaper to pay cash for labs and imaging rather than using your high deductible HSA.

Become a consumer…because you are continually paying more and more for your healthcare premiums as well as site of service. Ask us and we can guide you to learning about healthcare expenses. Asking questions will allow you, the patient, to have direct conversations with Labcorp, Quest, or Metro imaging to get pricing information and make scheduling more efficient.

Remember that we want our patients to be engaged and empowered and that includes having direct discussions regarding pricing transparency and scheduling.

Be well!