Joint pains are one of the most common extra-intestinal manifestations of IBD…

and other chronic digestive disorders.  While some of the medications used to treat GI disorders are also effective at controlling joint inflammation/arthropathy, there are many medications that actually worsen GI symptoms. Medications such as NSAIDs, muscle relaxants, pain medications, and those used for neuropathy can all lead to unwanted side effects.  And, some of them cause worsening diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, constipation, and can even lead to ulcers and flares related to the primary digestive disease.

At PostRx we are excited to collaborate with Zynex Medical to offer NexWave as an alternative treatment solution for pain related to arthropathy, pelvic floor pain, chronic abdominal pain syndrome, and even things such as associated fibromyalgia or chronic headaches.  Check out the link and read about the Zynex product created specifically for treatment of pelvic pain conditions (InWave).