Health Insurance is Expensive

Health insurance is expensive…and just because you have it does not guarantee healthcare!

DID YOU KNOW…that there is a growing network of like-minded physicians, nurse practitioners, and benefits specialists who hope to create alternatives to our “sick care” system. The alternative “healthcare” system would be transparent, affordable, accessible, and reward those who are proactive about health and wellness!

Not my words, but easily could be— “1-in-3 people pay out of pocket for most, if not all of their care. Those with high deductibles have catastrophic coverage, but often (60%) avoid basic treatment in fear of the cost and surprise bills.

Neglected is a nice way of putting it. These consumers have been largely forgotten. They represent a massive portion of the population who oftentimes have the financial means to access treatment at fair prices but avoid it because the insurance reimbursement system has failed them and their peers, and there have been no tools to connect them to fair care prices.

These consumers are educated and savvy enough to triage and treat their issues – out of perceived necessity, not by choice – to avoid possible financial ruin, but can’t sustain that long term. They delay formal entry into the system as long as they can until they end up in the ER with a bill that exceeds the cost of 5-10 cash visits. Then the cycle repeats.”

Let’s break the cycle!