First Quarter 2022 Update

March Madness is upon us…how is 2022 shaping up?

We’re hopeful that 2022 will be one of improved health and wellness…for everyone, not just our PostRx family. How great would it be to focus on better sleep, better diet choices, better exercise routines, and ultimately, better health. As the days become longer and the forsythia blooms we promise to support you and your choices.

Our plan is for PostRx Healthcare to evolve. That’s the fun part! There have been plenty of “learning moments” creating the new practice and we thank you for your patience.

Some exciting news for our 2022…a combined MD/RD program (“Food as Medicine”), a collaboration with a home infusion service for those patients on biologics (the service will assist with prior authorizations and patient assistance…and will come to your home to do your infusion), a partnership with a physical therapist whose primary interest is pelvic floor therapy, and we will continue to advise the Adyptation Alerts team who are busy working on the next round of software updates to improve the patient experience and continue to deliver actionable data from wearable devices to drive better health outcomes for our IBD patients. And, look for opportunities to improve your mindfulness and participate in app-based cognitive behavior therapy with a program called Mahana therapeutics.

Be well!