We’ve been busy…collaborating and creating relationships!

Healthcare is expensive and fragmented. Lack of effective communication and education only worsens healthcare delivery and outcomes. At PostRx Healthcare communication, education, advocacy, and collaboration are our focus. And, ultimately that focus fosters relationships with patients as well as other healthcare professionals resulting in better care for patients with chronic digestive disease.

Check out some of our partnerships…

McDaniel Nutrition

Did you know that many digestive diseases can be improved by patients learning about nutrition and identifying and eliminating various food triggers? At PostRx Healthcare we collaborate with a group of dietitians to guide patients to better digestive health through nutrition education.  Our innovative MD-RD programs such as our Gut Health and Sustain Weight Management virtual learning modules guide patients along their wellness journey to better gut health and healthier weight.  The low FODMAP program will individually guide patients through the entire process of sugar elimination and reintroduction in order to identify specific food triggers that need to be avoided.  Lastly, fatty liver disease and metabolic syndrome are quickly becoming a public health crisis. Ask us about our MD-RD program to identify, manage, and reduce the risk associated with liver fibrosis progression.

Mahana Therapeutics

Collaboration at Post Rx Healthcare also takes the form of adoption of digital health innovation. Programs like Mahana Therapeutics are improving the quality of our patients’ lives especially those with disorders of the gut-brain interaction. The innovative phone app uses mindfulness, symptom logs, and daily 10-minute cognitive behavior therapy to improve awareness and management of chronic digestive symptoms. Stress is at an all-time high. Make sure to recognize its impact on sleep patterns, diet, and mood as well as digestive symptoms.  Our program is an FDA-cleared therapy and is being offered free for 90 days to introduce patients to this beneficial therapeutic endeavor.


Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a wearable device that would alert you regarding impending flares of Crohn’s disease, colitis, rheumatoid arthritis or other inflammatory conditions? Or, having a device that alerts you regarding abnormal sleep patterns that might herald a bad spell of digestive symptoms?  Armed with that information proactive changes could reduce the severity of symptoms and limit work absenteeism and presenteeism. And the bonus is improvement in quality of life and decreased progression of disease.  Our partnership with Adyptation and the Alerts app does just that! Consider participating in our data collection and receive cash toward doctor visits or you may qualify for a free wearable device such as an Apple Watch or Aura Ring.  At PostRx Healthcare we believe that connecting with patients between visits improves care. And the model is not new to healthcare. Take for example diabetes…diabetics recognize that diet, lifestyle, self-management, and technology such as insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring improves care and reduces disease progression. Let’s move other chronic diseases such as Crohn’s disease and colitis in that same direction by adopting innovative technology to better manage chronic illness.

St. Louis Physical Therapy

Did you know that up to 25% of women have issues with incontinence?  And, disorders of the pelvic floor can lead to problems such as constipation, pelvic pain, and painful intercourse. All of those things can negatively impact our patient’s quality of life.  And, quite frankly, most patients and physicians are uncomfortable discussing these concerns.  At PostRx Healthcare we are proactively discussing these symptoms with and making appropriate treatment recommendations that oftentimes includes pelvic floor retraining and biofeedback. We’ve partnered with Dr. Jennifer Rispoli at Judice Sports and Rehab.  Dr. Rispoli provides evaluation and management of pelvic dysfunction including things such as pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, loss of bowel control, feelings as if the bowels are not completely emptying, and issues related to painful intercourse. Don’t hesitate to mention your concerns about these conditions and we will arrange for a private consultation with Dr. Rispoli.

Additional collaborations that are developing include Wellbridge Surgical (a cash-based surgery center in Indianapolis offering bundled pricing for endoscopic evaluations).  And, ask about home infusions for your biologic therapy.  PostRx Healthcare has partnered with a home infusion company that will help you get authorization to receive your crohn’s and colitis medications at home.

Become a better healthcare consumer…especially if you have a high deductible health savings account!