PostRx Healthcare pivot!

PostRx Healthcare is pivoting!  

After 2 years and many impactful experiences we recognize the substantial need for real patient advocates in the healthcare system.  We also recognize that disease management while trying to exist in the space outside of the legacy, insurance-based healthcare delivery model is difficult.  

Therefore, we plan to continue our mission of patient advocacy and education by focusing on consultations rather than disease management.  Like a financial advisor we plan to collect data, review records, and chart a path forward to guide patients toward better digestive health.

In the last few years we have made valuable connections with dietitians, therapists, and other like-minded professionals and will continue to lean on those relationships for the best interest of our patients.  And, we recognize that the greatest limitation of excellent care is time—so we plan to continue to offer that as our primary service, but simply in a consultative role only.

Thankfully, there are many excellent digestive specialists in the St. Louis area.  They, too, are constrained by the current system, so our hope is to advocate, educate, and prepare you to maximize your time with those physicians and thus achieve your goals of improved digestive health.

Be well!