Welcome to PostRx Healthcare

Thank you for considering PostRx Healthcare. At PostRx Healthcare we believe that personalized care is care that prioritizes relationships and takes a proactive approach to health and wellness. And, we know that true healing happens when patients are informed and engaged. Read More “Welcome to PostRx Healthcare”

Direct Care Medicine…what’s that?

Direct care values patients

What is direct care?

Direct care is healthcare…simplified. With direct care, all of the middlemen like insurance companies, hospital administrators, governmental agencies, etc., are eliminated allowing for a direct relationship between you, the patient, and your doctor. In the direct care model your physician works directly for you, and with you, to develop and implement treatment plans in order to manage chronic digestive problems and maintain digestive health and wellness. Read More “Direct Care Medicine…what’s that?”

Health Insurance is Expensive

Health insurance is expensive…and just because you have it does not guarantee healthcare!

DID YOU KNOW…that there is a growing network of like-minded physicians, nurse practitioners, and benefits specialists who hope to create alternatives to our “sick care” system. The alternative “healthcare” system would be transparent, affordable, accessible, and reward those who are proactive about health and wellness! Read More “Health Insurance is Expensive”

What is a medical home?

I’m excited to be seeing patients in my new office and wanted to share a bit about it. I have created a chronic disease management program similar to that popularized at the University of Pittsburgh—and similar to models for other chronic illnesses. Read More “What is a medical home?”

We’ve been busy…collaborating and creating relationships!

Healthcare is expensive and fragmented. Lack of effective communication and education only worsens healthcare delivery and outcomes. At PostRx Healthcare communication, education, advocacy, and collaboration are our focus. And, ultimately that focus fosters relationships with patients as well as other healthcare professionals resulting in better care for patients with chronic digestive disease.

Check out some of our partnerships… Read More “We’ve been busy…collaborating and creating relationships!”

First Quarter 2022 Update

March Madness is upon us…how is 2022 shaping up?

We’re hopeful that 2022 will be one of improved health and wellness…for everyone, not just our PostRx family. How great would it be to focus on better sleep, better diet choices, better exercise routines, and ultimately, better health. As the days become longer and the forsythia blooms we promise to support you and your choices. Read More “First Quarter 2022 Update”

Live and Learn – Become a healthcare consumer!

Thanks again for your support. Trying to survive in a healthcare marketplace that is completely dominated by insurance is difficult, to say the least. We’re in the process of figuring it out and continue jumping hurdles. Again, thanks for your patience as well as your feedback as we create a collaborative healthcare experience. As a good friend told me, “it’s not going to be perfect on day 1, so go for it, and make improvements along the way!” Read More “Live and Learn – Become a healthcare consumer!”